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Virtual Classroom

Live classes with our trainers from Learn and Speak Leipzig

Virtual Classroom: Your virtual classroom at Learn and Speak!

You have decided to learn a new language or deepen your knowledge, but you are often on the road or don't have time to come to our center?

No problem: with the virtual classroom, your trainer comes to you wherever you are. All you need is a PC, notebook or tablet with a webcam, audio capabilities, and an internet connection.

Our language offerings at Learn and Speak Leipzig are diverse. Learn: 


Virtual learning has become a part of our normal, everyday routine - and it works!

The Virtual Classroom is an online platform to which we provide access via your normal internet browser.

It is an achievement of technology that is also being used more and more at schools and universities in Germany and around the world. In addition to learning a language, virtual learning strengthens the digital skills that are so increasingly important today.

For some of us, such platforms and virtual meetings are already commonplace and totally integrated into daily routine. For those of you who have not experienced it yet, why not give it a try? You may well be surprised, as you can read in the reviews from our past participants.

With Learn and Speak online language courses you get:

  • a free placement test followed by a detailed personal consultation,
  • a free, individual online introduction to the technology and user interface with trial training,
  • live lessons with our competent and motivating teachers,
  • the possibility to view and review past recorded lessons at any time (provided all participants give consent to the recording)
  • technical support whenever you need it


In short: the ideal conditions for your learning success!

Live language lessons!

The online lessons take place in the same way as in-person lessons - live! You will meet with real-life people (not AI), your qualified trainer and fellow participants, from different locations simultaneously.

On your screen, you will be face-to-face with the trainer and - in the case of group lessons - with the other participants. You will speak and interact as you would in a physical classroom location. The teacher will also share their screen content directly with you (and the other participants), so that you can work through the lesson material in detail and cover any questions that arise.

Why should I join an online language course

If you ...

  •  are not able to continue your in-person lessons for any reason (such as health or scheduling concerns),
  • can't find the right course in your city or area,
  • are often on the road for business trips,
  • are constrained by time and want to prepare for an important presentation in a foreign language,
  • want to make up for lessons you were unable to attend in your current or previous language course,
  • want to determine the volume of lessons according to your particular needs,
  • want to supplement your in-person learning at our center with online lessons,
  • want to save travel costs and time,
  • want to enjoy greater flexibility and convenience in terms of time and location,

... then join us in Learn and Speak’s virtual classroom!

This is what our customers say about our online language courses:

I liked most the possibility of continuing my face-to-face training under the Corona conditions via the online training with my trainer [...]. [...] Today, online training feels almost as real to me as face-to-face training. Online training eliminates travel time and allows me to better integrate training into my daily routine. I would advise everyone to at least try out online training to see if it is a good substitute or supplement to classroom training.


Marko Filler


Even though the English training was switched to online presence at short notice due to Corona, this did not affect the depth of the learning content, let alone the fun. For me, what makes the training special is that the grammar is specifically included in the practical exercises without me explicitly perceiving it as a grammar part. So it has the charm for me that it does not feel like a lesson, but rather like a weekly exchange on certain topics just not in my native language. 


Annett Thielemann


My lessons [...] gave me great pleasure and helped me to improve my language skills. The online platform offers many opportunities to deepen and consolidate the knowledge taught in the (video) lessons. The exercises motivate to continue learning, later you can consult your trainer about the exercises. The learning objectives were set together before the course and with the very good teaching material you had a good structure all the time and learning was really fun. Motivated and dedicated trainers (native speakers!) convey the learning content very well give many useful tips and assistance.


Carsten Piel

Frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ) about our virtual classroom:

What is the virtual classroom?

The virtual classroom is an online platform that allows the teacher and students to come face-to-face with each other via the internet as they would in a traditional classroom. The lessons take place in real-time, while the teacher and participants are in different geographical locations.

Do I need to download a program?

No, you do not need to download a program. You access the virtual classroom through your internet browser. You will receive the access data from us and quickly find your way into your classroom.

What does "VC" mean?

"VC" is an English abbreviation that stands for Virtual Classroom on our pages.

What does a virtual classroom look like and how does it work?

The starting point of a virtual classroom is a learning platform that you can access with a username and password through your internet browser. Live lessons take place on this platform. It also organizes and makes various resources accessible for your learning process and development: your personal data, your courses, your assignments and exercises, etc.


Is my data secure?

We treat your personal data confidentiality and in accordance with the legal data protection regulations in Germany.

You can read all the details about data protection for online language courses in our data protection information.


Isn't teaching in a virtual classroom far too impersonal?

While shaking hands or hugging is not possible in the virtual classroom, visual contact and personal connection still are. Trainers and participants can talk and interact with each other as they would in a real classroom.

With online instruction, you are meeting with real live people!


Online classes also offer plenty of interpersonal interaction.

Your advantages at a glance:

With virtual classroom training at Learn and Speak, you have:


  • the advantages of face-to-face instruction with a native-speaker trainer
  • interactive, flexible training without having to travel to our language center, thus saving travel costs and time
  • extended possibilities for follow-up work, unlimited in time and place
  • technical support from a competent member of staff
  • and best of all: all Learn and Speak materials are seamlessly integrated on our platform and accessible throughout the lessons.

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