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English courses in Leipzig: Learn to speak English with Learn and Speak!

  • You would like to attend an English course for communicating better on vacation and when traveling abroad?
  • You already have English skills and want to improve them to have better chances on the job market or
  • You want to study abroad?


Whatever the reason might be: 

We at Learn and Speak, your language school in Leipzig, have just the right English course for your needs. 


With the help of our native-speaking language teachers

  • you will reach the level of English you are aiming for (A1 to C2) and do this
  • within your desired area of application: e.g., business English or general English and
  • you learn according to your specific wishes: in group lessons, in private and individual one-to-one lessons, or in an intensive course.

Our English courses in Leipzig: an overview:

We offer a wide range of English courses in Leipzig, and there is something for everyone. Below, we have compiled a course overview for you. Take a look here and choose the right course for you!

Open Group English Courses:

Our open English courses are comprised of small groups of 4 to 8 participants based on their language level. They offer a particularly effective and equally affordable learning opportunity by which you will benefit twofold: You only pay a fraction of the costs for the native-speaking trainer, and you can practice English face-to-face with your fellow participants.

English courses in private lessons

English in the form of individual lessons with us means an English course, which is customized according to your personal preferences and needs. This form of instruction is particularly suitable if you want to prepare for a specific event or project.

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Online English courses: Discover now!

  • English courses online (group- or private lessons)
  • High-quality language courses!
  • Excellent learning results!


Find out now about our English course offer

Subsidized programs for individuals

With sound English-language skills, you increase your value on the job market and make yourself more attractive to employers. If you are learning English for your job, take advantage of one of the many financial aid options for private individuals.


English courses for children

In our English courses especially for children aged 3 to 10 years, the "little ones" learn the English language in a playful and, above all, fun way. The form of instruction is precisely geared to the needs of children. Especially during school vacations, attending an English course is the perfect blend of fun and learning.

Contact me now! I will be happy to advise you on our entire range of English courses and answer any questions you may have.

Susan Cimander
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Business English for professionals and our English course offer for companies:

English courses as corporate training

Our corporate English courses are suitable for companies of all sizes. Whether it is for self-employed individuals, freelancers, medium-sized or large companies: We will work with you to develop a personalized training concept that is precisely tailored to your specific English needs. 

Company courses can be adapted to firms in a wide range of industries. For example, companies in the hotel and catering industry can prepare their employees specifically for working abroad and looking after international guests. 

The same applies to companies in other sectors of the economy, such as the IT industry and companies in the medical or technological fields: the course content will always be tailored to the needs of your firm.


Subsidized programs for companies

There are government subsidy programs for companies that support their employees in learning English. Take advantage of this financial relief, as companies, self-employed people, and freelancers are equally supported.


English certificates: Make your English achievements official!

Have your learning success certified so that you can present proof of your English level in the future. We recommend that you take an English language exam after completing your English course. This will document your English proficiency through an internationally recognized language certificate, such as TOEIC or TOEFL/ITP.


Intensive English courses sponsored by the German Federal Employment Agency or the Job Center (AVGS)

With new English language skills, you not only increase your chances of being hired, but you may even be able to avoid losing your job. The intensive courses sponsored by the employment office are aimed at employees on short-time work and job seekers, among others.


English courses in Leipzig for all language levels:

Our English offerings reflect all language levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. To assess your current level of English, we recommend our English placement test. Based on the test results, we will select the appropriate course level for you.


A1 and A2 English courses - learning English for beginners:

Our A1 English courses are designed for beginners. In these language courses, basic English skills are taught. For example, you will learn how to introduce yourself in English and how to ask and answer simple questions. After completing the course, you will already be able to communicate in English in many areas of everyday life.


English B1 and B2 courses - learning English for advanced learners:

If you already have the most important basic skills, our B1 and B2 English courses will enable you to use English independently. After completing these English courses, you will be able to report on events without difficulty, understand more complex contexts and be able to communicate them as well. You will have no problem communicating in English in most areas of life.


English courses C1 and C2 - learning English for professionals:

Speak English fluently at a near-native English level. This is the goal of the English courses for professionals. Flawless communication in everyday life as well as the use of English in professional life are no problem after reaching these language levels.

Learn English in Leipzig: Pleasant learning in historical surroundings!

There are many reasons to learn English:

  • Your vacation to an English-speaking country is coming up, and you want to refresh your language skills.
  • You want to improve your professional skills and open up new opportunities in your job.
  • You are anxious to understand your favorite series in the original language, without always having to fade in subtitles.

If any of these are true for you, the most important step has already been taken.

But why exactly should you learn English at our language school in Leipzig?


Quickly Learn English in Leipzig: Language courses for your learning success!

Our English courses present many advantages.

We offer you:

  • native-speaking language teachers for every English level (A0 to C2)
  • English courses tailored exactly to your needs: from brushing up on casual small talk (e.g., for your next vacation) to professional negotiation in business English
  • Learn in your chosen style: in open group training with 4-8 students, in tailor-made private lessons, or in our particularly efficient intensive courses.

If you don't yet have an idea of how good you are, simply test yourself with our placement test. This will help you quickly find out which English course is right for you.

One thing is for sure: At Learn and Speak, you will definitely find the right English course in Leipzig for your learning success!

By the way, do you already know about our online English courses? With these, you can learn English from the comfort of your own home.


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English language course in Leipzig: Successful learning in the midst of historical sites

In addition to the pleasant atmosphere of our language school facilities, our location is also attractive from a cultural and historical perspective.

Our language school is located within walking distance of the city center.

Just a few minutes' walk away, you will find two of Leipzig's greatest attractions in the Market Square: the Old Town Hall in its beautiful Renaissance style and St. Thomas Church which contains the tomb of Johann Sebastian Bach.

In the midst of such cultural and historical diversity, learning English is especially inspiring. Leipzig and Learn and Speak cooperate to entice you to stay a while and enjoy!

Contact me now! I will be happy to advise you on our entire range of English courses and answer any questions you may have.

Susan Cimander
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Why book an English course in Leipzig with Learn and Speak?

English is one of the 6 official languages of the United Nations (UN) and as one of the most spoken languages in the world, it is easier to communicate on an international level with English as a second or foreign language, both in your free time and in your professional life.

Our city of Leipzig has developed into an interesting business location in recent years, whether for the establishment of large companies or as a location for innovative start-ups.

Especially in the business world, communication in English is becoming increasingly important. And this is not only true for internationally operating companies with customers in other parts of Europe or on the global market.

As German companies rely more and more on skilled workers from abroad, English is an important cornerstone in communication within companies between colleagues, superiors and employees.


An English course near you: Learn and Speak Leipzig!

Languages can be learned in many ways. Learning English with an on-site language course has the advantage over other types of learning that you don't just learn English grammar, but speak English with other people: practical English training! Everything you learn is immediately put into practice in the form of practical tasks and exercises. 

We at Learn and Speak, your language school in Leipzig, have developed a specific learning concept and strategy. This guarantees a high standard in our language training!

We make sure that our language students learn exactly what they need. And we do it in such a way that everything they learn can be applied directly in their everyday life, whether in their leisure time or in their professional life.


Which English course is right for me?

You want to enroll in an English course at our language school in Leipzig, but you don't know which course is right for you? 

You can't decide between a group course or individual lessons, or you can't estimate at which English level you should start?

We recommend a personal consultation! We will answer your questions and together we will find out which course is the right one for you to reach your English goals.

Contact me now! I will be happy to advise you on our entire range of English courses and answer any questions you may have.

Susan Cimander
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