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Do you want to learn Portuguese in Leipzig? Bem-vindos!

How about a trip around the world from Lisbon to Mozambique or East Timor to Rio de Janeiro? Or perhaps you would like to do business in economically up-and-coming Brazil or taste wonderful wines in Portugal's Douro Valley. 


Whatever your destination, 

the Portuguese courses at Learn and Speak in Leipzig are waiting for you!

Below you will learn a few things about the Portuguese language and beyond, as well as everything about the Portuguese courses offered at Learn and Speak in Leipzig.


Portuguese courses in Leipzig: everything you need to know is here!

Learn Portuguese in one of our native-speaker-led classroom courses at our language school at Gutenbergplatz 1a-e, Leipzig! 

Depending on your preference, you can learn with a small group of four to a maximum of seven participants or book a private course that is tailored precisely to your needs in terms of time and content. 

At Learn and Speak in Leipzig, you have the opportunity to learn the European- as well as the Brazilian version of Portuguese. 

After each course, you will receive a certificate of participation!


Portuguese for beginners

Learn Portuguese with this beginner's course and use what you've learned to connect with the locals on your next vacation!

Even if you are not planning a vacation, this course will be the perfect introduction to the Portuguese language. 

You will learn how to form sentences using your first vocabulary words and practice the correct pronunciation with the typical Portuguese diphthongs and nasal sounds. After the course, you will be prepared for important everyday situations.


The facts about the Portuguese course:

  • 15 classes of 90 minutes each, once a week;
  • Cost € 400;
  • Level A1;
  • European- and Brazilian language variants of Portuguese;
  • Vocabulary and background information for travel;
  • Dynamic teaching method with role plays and group work;
  • After the course, you will be able to:
    • introduce yourself
    • ask for nationalities and personal details
    • ask for and give price information
    • make appointments with times
    • go shopping
    • describe locations and give directions
    • travel by train or plane
    • describe the weather
    • manage visits to the doctor and minor health issues

Portuguese course for advanced learners

If you already have some knowledge of Portuguese and want to build on it, check out our advanced course. Contact us to arrange an appointment on site for a free placement test!

We also offer intensive and company courses, which we can tailor to your individual needs. 

Please contact us: We keep our course offerings flexible and are happy to take your suggestions on board!


If you really want to take your Portuguese skills to the next level quickly, why not sign up for a one-on-one course?


Portuguese One-on-One Training

If you would like a flexible program that is tailored to your specific needs, you should consider a one-on-one course with us. 

This will allow your Portuguese teacher to focus entirely on you. 

You determine 

  • the learning goal
  • the learning speed
  • when the course should begin
  • the lesson times throughout the course

Prices per lesson: 

  • Language training for one person € 54 per lesson unit
  • Language training in duo format (2 participants) only € 60 per lesson unit (€ 30 per person)


Start by scheduling an appointment with us for a free placement test. Then, we can discuss the most suitable course options for you..

Who teaches Portuguese at Learn and Speak?

Our language courses are always taught by native speakers who will not only teach you vocabulary and grammar, but also all the important cultural aspects of the language’s origins.


Portuguese language presents a broad spectrum of opportunity for explorers

Portuguese: spoken by many people in incredible places

Portuguese is an official language in several countries and on four different continents. Like Spanish, to which it is closely related, it is a world language and is spoken as a native or second language by a total of 270 million people!

Of these, only about 10 million live in Portugal, the home of the Portuguese language. Most Portuguese speakers live in Brazil (about 190 million), but the colonial era has also left its linguistic mark in:

  • Angola (approx. 15 million),
  • Mozambique (approx. 20 million) or
  • Macau in China (approx. 0.7 million), which was a Portuguese colony until 1999, and
  • East Timor (about 1.3 million)and the Portuguese archipelagos, Madeira and Azores, and other little paradises on this planet. 

Who wouldn't want to learn Portuguese and discover the world?

European and Brazilian Portuguese

Portuguese is spoken a little differently in all of the above-mentioned locations. Nevertheless, the two most important and most commonly-taught language varieties are 

  • European Portuguese, which tends to be spoken somewhat slurred, and
  • Brazilian Portuguese, which sounds clearer - to German ears, at least.

The difference is mainly in the phonetics. It is, therefore, possible to understand and communicate with the European- as well as the Brazilian variant no matter where you are. It just takes a little practice.

An important catchword in Portuguese is saudade, which means ‘longing,’ and the feeling it invokes is expressed in different styles of  music: 

romantic melancholy as in Fado or 

cheerfulness and exhilaration as in bossa nova and  samba. 


Is Brazilian Portuguese, like Samba, more exhilarating and

the European variant more romantically melancholic? 


Enroll in a Portuguese course at Learn and Speak and find out!

At Learn and Speak à sombra da bananeira

The phrase à sombra da bananeira literally means: in the shade of the banana tree. Imagine you are doing the exhausting work of farming in a field under a glaring sun. Then, picture that you get the chance for a break from it. Surely then, you will understand the sense of relief and happy-go-luckiness  which would come from spending it under the banana tree. 


We invite you: Treat yourself to a Portuguese oasis à sombra da bananeira once a week at Learn and Speak in Leipzig!

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