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All about our Korean courses and 3+3 reasons to learn Korean!

Want to learn Korean in Leipzig? Come to Learn and Speak!

Contemporary South Korean culture has enjoyed increasing popularity around the world since the mid-90s - a phenomenon known as the "Korean Wave." 

It started with dramas, movies, and pop music, and was joined by webcomics, food, cosmetics, fashion, and much more.

K-pop, K-dramas, K-beauty.... 

  • Has the Korean wave already hit you and
  • inspired you to learn Korean?
  • Preferably in Leipzig?


Then, Learn and Speak Leipzig is the right place for you! 


  • Finally understand the lyrics of famous Korean-speaking boy- and girl bands like BTS or Red Velvet yourself!
  • Allow yourself to be seduced by Korean cuisine and discover the essential keys to its recipes!
  • Gain even more inspiration from Korean culture and dive further into its charms through its language!


Or are you still undecided as to whether Korean is the right language for you? We have the information you need to make your decision clear.

Below, you will learn everything about the Korean courses we offer and why you should join one of them.


Korean courses in Leipzig: the main details first!

General information about our courses

Learn Korean with our native-speaking trainers in-person at our language school at Gutenbergplatz 1a-e, Leipzig! 

Select a course and learn Korean in a small group of no more than eight participants. Or you can choose our individual training and learn according to your specific preferences in regards to content, lesson times, and training pace.

Besides the hype about South Korean pop culture, you may be drawn to learning how to speak Korean for plenty of other reasons.

In our native-speaker-led courses, in addition to learning vocabulary and grammar, you will also experience the essential details of Korean culture. You likely have a lot of questions, which might include:

  • How does dating work in Korean?
  • Should you bow when greeting someone?
  • What are the rules of etiquette at the dinner table?
  • Which Korean celebrities should you definitely know about?
  • Bring these and any other questions to your Korean course. We look forward to your interactive engagement!


After each course, you will receive a certificate from us confirming your successful participation and completion.


Korean courses for beginners

Surf with us on the Korean wave and start learning Korean with a beginner's course:

  • 10 lessons of 90 minutes each, once a week;
  • Cost € 310 (including textbooks);
  • Beginner level (A1);
  • You will learn to read and write the 24 Korean characters;
  • You will gain cultural insight into the country and its people;
  • After the course, you will be able to communicate in Korean in important everyday situations.


If you are interested, we will also be happy to offer you the corresponding follow-up courses to your beginner course.


Korean courses for advanced learners

If you want to improve your existing Korean language skills, an advanced course is the right thing for you. 

We will set up a new course for four or more participants. Please contact us to make an appointment for a free placement test and discuss your course requirements.


 Do you want to take your Korean skills to the next level as quickly as possible? Then, why not book a one-on-one course?


Korean One-on-One Training

If you would like the most flexible program that is tailored to your specific Korean language needs, we recommend booking a one-on-one course. 

This will allow your Korean teacher to focus on you, and you will be able to determine your particular learning goals, pace, and lesson times.

You can start by scheduling an appointment for a free placement test with us. Then, we can discuss the essential details thereafter.


Is there anything else you are looking for?

We, at Learn and Speak, are flexible in how we design our courses. Contact us if you do not see the Korean course you are seeking or if you are interested in learning another language of the East Asian language family! 


We are happy to accommodate your wishes!

We offer businnes courses, customized to your individual needs, both in terms of content and course times. Intensive courses, for example, can prepare you for a stay in North- or South Korea in a short period of time.


3+3 reasons for learning Korean

Still not sure you are ready to learn Korean? Here are a few linguistic and cultural reasons:


Three linguistic reasons to learn Korean

  1. The alphabet, called "Hangul," is logical. It has 24 characters, and you can learn to read it in less than a day!
  2. Korean is a syllabic script: A Korean syllable consists of several characters written above and next to each other in an imaginary field. The syllables, as a whole, are written from left to right. Not difficult at all, but it looks very exotic and fun!
  3. There are more than 78 million people in North- and South Korea, many of whom are friendly and speak Korean as their native language. Many of them, however, do not speak your language.


Three cultural reasons for Korean

History and culture are deeply integrated within a language. Korean is particularly exciting in this respect.

  1. Germany has a lot in common with North and South Korea: The historical experience of being a divided country and a passion for art, good food, and youth culture make it worthwhile to get in touch with the people directly, especially since many Koreans have a positive image of us Germans.
  2. A fascinating culture awaits you at the other end of the world: Tradition and modernity are just as close together there as are astounding natural landscapes and cities that never sleep.
  3. South Korea is currently considered cool and in fashion. According to a U.S. survey, it occupies eleventh place worldwide, in terms of international influence - reason enough to get to know the Korean lifestyle in more detail, isn’t it?


And this is just the beginning. Catch the Korean wave for yourself, and surf to positive experiences of K-pop, K-beauty, webtoons and more!


Conclusion: Learn and Speak makes your Korean dreams come true!

If you decide to learn a new foreign language, you might not immediately think of Korean. However, upon closer inspection, there are more than enough reasons to learn it! 

Last but not least, a language certificate in a relatively uncommon foreign language can definitely add that certain something to your CV.


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