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All about the Arabic courses at Learn and Speak: Immerse yourself in spoken and written Arabic

Learn Arabic at Learn and Speak in Leipzig

  • Has Arabic poetry been your passion for a long time?
  • Do you want to go on vacation to North Africa soon?
  • Do you dream of The Arabian Nights, too?
  • Or do you have Arabic-speaking business partners?


Whatever the reason, Arabic is your next challenge: 

At Learn and Speak in Leipzig, you are in good hands.


In the following, you will learn various things about the Arabic language, all about our Arabic course offerings and inspiring incentives to learn Arabic.


Arabic courses at Learn and Speak in Leipzig

In our Arabic classes at the Gutenberg Galerie, you will learn the language in small groups of four to seven participants (maximum).

Or in one-on-one lessons which are tailored to your specific language needs. All our Arabic teachers are native speakers of Arabic.


Course overview: Arabic group courses

Arabic Beginners Course Description

Arabic is structured quite differently from German and has an ornamental script that is written from right to left. This can seem quite unreadable to us at first. 

Especially since the 28 letters of High Arabic are written differently, depending on whether they are at the beginning of a word, in the middle of a word, at the end of a word, or standing alone.

This is the reason our beginner courses prioritize learning the alphabet first, alongside the first steps of learning how to speak. 

The facts about the Arabic course:

  • 15 lessons of 90 minutes each, once a week;
  • Cost € 450,00;
  • Level A1;
  • Alphabetization as a linguistic introduction;
  • Speaking High Arabic from the beginning;
  • cultural introduction;
  • After the course you will be able to:
    • write the Arabic alphabet and
    • handle the basics of the Arabic language

Arabic courses for advanced learners

If you want to expand your existing knowledge of Arabic from level A2, our advanced course is the one for you.

Either an advanced course at level A1.2 / A2 or an advanced course at level B1.

Would you like to

  • use the Arabic language in your everyday professional life
  • prepare for a stay in Northern Africa or the Middle East as quickly as possible, or
  • maintain existing speaking skills?


Why are you interested in Arabic? Tell us!


At Learn and Speak, we will personalize your Arabic-learning experience!


Contact us to schedule an on-site appointment for a free placement test and discuss your course preferences!

One-on-One Arabic Training

If you are looking for a flexible program tailored to your specific Arabic needs, we recommend booking a one-on-one Arabic course. 

This will allow your Arabic teacher to focus entirely on you.

You determine 

  • the learning goal
  • the learning speed
  • the starting date
  • lesson times


Prices per lesson: 

  • Language training for one person € 56 per lesson unit
  • Language training in duo format (2 participants) only € 60 per lesson unit (essentially € 30 per person)


You can start by scheduling an appointment for a non-binding consultation in which we can discuss the way forward.


Who teaches Arabic at Learn and Speak?

Our Arabic courses are taught by academically-trained native speakers, who will bring you closer to Arabic both linguistically and culturally.


Approaching the Arabic Language - Would You Have Known?

Do you know that we owe the words for such beautiful things as "sofa", "coffee" and "sugar" to Arabic? There are several hundred Arabic influences in German. These include terms such as "algebra," "zenith," and "checkmate."

These words alone take us into a fascinating world where so much is thought and said differently, and often more poetically, than we are used to.

Arabic is the fifth-most-spoken language in the world. A few of its main dialects include:  

  • Egyptian,
  • Moroccan,
  • Syriac, and
  • Lebanese.


Arabic is one of the six official languages of the United Nations and is spoken in over 60 countries worldwide by a total of over 400 million people. Become one of them by starting your own personal Arabic journey with Learn and Speak!

8 inspirations for learning Arabic

Learn Arabic when you...

1. ... want to go on vacation or move to an Arabic-speaking country.

2. ... have Arabic-speaking business partners, whether knowledge of Arabic is indispensable or simply gives you a decisive advantage.

3. ... are fascinated by the artistic style of Arabic writing and want to be able to write beautifully.

4. ... have long loved the delicate poetry of the Arabic language or have a new-found love for it.

5. ... want to speak to over 400 million Arabic speakers around the world - in Marrakech, Giza, Dubai, Berlin or London!

6. ... want to build a bridge between cultures.

7. ... want to use your left brain. It can distinguish details better - indispensable for learning how to read the Arabic script.

8. ... have fallen in love with an Arabic-speaking person.


There are these and many other reasons to learn Arabic. Which one is yours?

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