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Successfully passing a telc exam brings many advantages. At level A2, your telc certificate certifies that you are already able to express yourself relatively fluently in German in everyday situations. In many cases, this is particularly important for presentation to employers.

As an official test center and telc license partner, Learn and Speak, your language school in Leipzig, is at your side when you take your A2 telc exam.

If desired, we will accompany you not only on the day of the exam itself, but also in the time leading up to it because we offer the right German course in Leipzig for every level. This way, you can go into the exam confidently and well prepared.

On this page, you will find all the important information about the telc A2 exam at a glance.


Exam dates and information about the telc A2 exam in Leipzig

Show dates for telc A2 exams

You are also welcome to make an individual appointment for your telc German exam. Please contact us at least 2-3 weeks before the desired date.


What do I have to be able to do for the telc A2 exam?

The telc A2 exam is a general language exam. This means that it is suitable for all people who have already attended approximately 250-300 German lessons or have acquired German language skills at an advanced beginner level respectively.

In general, you can orientate yourself on the can-do rules of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR, English: CEFR). If you have mastered the content specified there, you are well prepared for your telc examination.


Why do I need a telc A2 exam?

telc certificates offer the unbeatable advantage of being recognized internationally by official bodies such as universities, companies and government offices. The transparent level system, which is based on the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference), ensures that the levels are clearly arranged and defined.

If you are specifically taking the telc A2 exam, you can use this certificate primarily to prove that you have already mastered the German language at an advanced beginner level and are, therefore, able to communicate in German.

You already have some knowledge of German and would like to find out if telc Zertifikat A2 is right for you?

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How is the telc A2 exam structured?

Like all telc exams, the exam at language level A2 consists of two parts:

  • written part
  • oral part

On the day of the exam itself, you will usually take the written part first, followed directly by the oral part.


Structure of the written exam

The duration of the telc A2 written examination is 70 minutes in total, consisting of the components, listening comprehension and reading comprehension. A duration of 20 minutes is allotted for both task areas. The remaining 30 minutes are available for written expression.


Structure of the oral examination

Your telc A2 oral exam will last approximately 16 minutes. Please note that you will not be given any preparation time for this. In most cases, it takes place with another candidate and consists of a conversation or an interview.


The oral part of the exam consists of three parts:

Task 1: The first task of your telc A2 oral examination is to introduce yourself individually.

Task 2: You will then be given cards with so-called Wh-questions, which will help you with task number 2. Now, the task is to have an everyday conversation with your conversation partner.

Task 3: The last task is to make an agreement or negotiate something together. This could be, for example, finding a date to buy a gift together.


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When is the exam passed?

The telc A2 exam is considered passed when you achieve at least 60% of the possible total score. This means that with a total of 60 points, you will pass the exam if you score no less than 36 points.


Can I retake the telc exam?

If you score less than the minimum required to pass, you can retake your telc A2 exam. There is no maximum limit to the number of exam attempts, which means you can retake it as many times as necessary.

Important: For each examination attempt, you must repeat the entire examination, i.e. both the oral and the written part. This also applies if you have already passed one of the two exams.


What does the telc A2 exam cost?

Taking the exam costs 150,00 euros.


May I use a dictionary for the telc A2 exam?

No, you are not allowed to use a dictionary for this exam.


How long does it take to receive my A2 telc certificate?

After you have taken your exam, we will send your exam papers to Bad Homburg. Within 4-6 weeks afterwards, the evaluation will be completed there. We will of course inform you immediately by e-mail or SMS as soon as your results are known. From this moment on, the certificates will be ready for you to pick up personally at our language school.

Please remember that we can only give you your certificate upon presentation of your valid ID.


What happens if I can't pick up my certificate in person?

If you are not in Leipzig (or cannot pick up your certificate in person at our language school for any other reason), we will be happy to send it to you by mail.

Important: In order to have the certificate picked up by another person, it is not sufficient to inform us by mail or phone. You must issue a power of attorney in order for the certificate to be picked up. This also applies if you would like to receive the certificate by mail.

We will only charge you the shipping costs for this.


How can I register for the telc examination?

If you are ready to take your telc A2 exam, now is the right time to register for an exam date!

To do so, please contact us by phone, e-mail or via our contact form. The contact person for this is our employee, Ms. Phuong Thao Do Thi. Please make an appointment with her for everything else.

Do you prefer contactless registration?

No problem! In this case, please also contact Ms. Phuong Thao Do Thi, she will inform you about what to do next.


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