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What do I need a telc Exam A1 for?

You need the certificate of a telc A1 examination, for example, to apply for family reunification.

The certificate also proves basic German language skills when applying for a visa to join your spouse.

So if you already live in Germany, but your spouse would also like to move to Germany from abroad, you can reliably prove the language skills required for this by taking a telc A1 exam.


How is the A1 telc examination structured?

The A1 telc examination consists of two parts:

  • oral part (approx. 11 minutes)
  • written part (approx. 70 minutes)

The oral part usually takes place on the same day as the written part.

Since the A1 telc examination is a group examination, it takes place together with other examinees in a joint conversation or interview.


Structure of the oral exam

Task 1: In the first part of the telc A1 oral exam, each examinee in your group will be asked to introduce themselves individually.

Task 2: Then, you have to inquire about two given everyday topics. These are Wh-questions and yes/no questions. You will be given flashcards with the appropriate vocabulary to complete the task.

Task 3: In the last part of the test, you will ask your conversation partner for something with the help of picture cards.Then, you will react to the requests of your conversation partner.


Structure of the written exam

The written part of your telc A1 exam takes 65-70 minutes and consists of the listening and reading sections.


Do you have questions about the exam procedure, or would you like general information?

Contact us now! We will be happy to advise you!

You are also welcome to make an individual appointment for your German telc  examination. Please contact us at least 2-3 weeks before the desired date.


Can I retake the telc A1 exam?

Yes, you can retake the telc A1 exam without any problems.

There is no limit to the number of attempts.

The only condition is that you must repeat the entire exam each time at level A1, i.e. both the written and the oral part.


What are the requirements?

If you want to take the A1 telc exam, you should already be proficient at level A1 of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference).

You will be able to talk about certain wishes and needs, introduce yourself, and talk about topics such as shopping and living.

In addition, you are already able to use very simple grammatical structures.


When did I pass the exam?

In order to pass the telc A1 exam, you must answer at least 60% of the tasks correctly in both parts of the exam, i.e. the written and the oral.

In concrete terms, this means that you must achieve a minimum score of 60 points.


How long does it take to receive my telc certificate?

After you have taken your exam, it is not evaluated at Learn and Speak Leipzig itself, but in Bad Homburg.

As soon as the evaluation is completed there, which takes about 4-6 weeks, we will be informed. Of course, we will pass the information on to you immediately and inform you by e-mail or SMS. Thereafter, you can pick up your certificates in person at our language school.

Important: Remember to bring your ID card. Otherwise, you will not receive a certificate from us.


What happens if I cannot pick up my certificate in person?

If you are not in Leipzig (or cannot pick up your certificate in person at our language school for any other reason), we will be happy to send it to you by mail.

Important: In order to have the certificate picked up by another person, it is not sufficient to inform us by mail or phone. You must issue a power of attorney in order for the certificate to be picked up. This also applies if you want to receive the certificate by mail.

We will only charge you the shipping costs for this.

Please contact us for further information on this topic!


How can I register for the telc exam?

Are you ready for your telc A1 exam? Then this is the perfect moment to register with us!

To do so, please contact our staff member, Ms. Phuong Thao Do Thi, by e-mail, phone or via the contact form and make an appointment.

You would like to register contactless? No problem! Ms. Phuong Thao Do Thi will gladly explain what needs to be done.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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