Naturalization test in Leipzig: Everything you need to know!

at Learn and Speak Leipzig

The naturalization test is a crucial step in the naturalization process for people who wish to obtain German citizenship.

Our Learn and Speak language school in Leipzig is an official test center for the naturalization test and is recognized by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

By successfully taking the naturalization test here in Leipzig, you can prove that you have the necessary knowledge of the German legal and social system and living conditions in Germany. 

This knowledge is necessary in order to be naturalized in Germany and obtain German citizenship.

Naturalization test procedure: Here’s how!

The naturalization test is held in the classrooms of our Learn and Speak language school in Leipzig. 

Please consider the following steps for participation:

  • Registration deadline: Please note that there is a registration deadline of at least 3 weeks before the test dates. Plan your registration accordingly in advance.
  • Making an appointment: Make an appointment in advance to register for taking the test. This is important to ensure that you get a place.
  • Exam fee: The exam fee is 25 euros and must be paid at the time of registration. Payment can be made by EC card or in cash.


Please note that meeting these requirements and making an appointment in good time are crucial to successfully taking the naturalization test and applying for German citizenship.

Current dates for taking the naturalization test:

Find out when the next naturalization tests will take place in Leipzig. Secure your place to take the test and take an important step on the path to German citizenship.

Preparation for the naturalization test in Saxony / Germany

Would you like to prepare for the naturalization test? The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) provides you with the official list of questions for the naturalization test. This catalog contains 310 questions, including 300 general questions and 10 state-specific questions that only apply to the respective federal state.

Use this BAMF questionnaire to be well prepared for the naturalization test.

German courses to prepare for the naturalization test

Would you like to optimally prepare for the naturalization test in Germany? Our German courses in Leipzig give you the best possible preparation for this important exam. They cover all the necessary German language skills to learn German as a foreign language in the best possible way.

FAQ Naturalization test: Important questions and answers


Who has to take a naturalization test?

Anyone wishing to acquire German citizenship usually has to take a naturalization test.


How much does the naturalization test cost?

The examination fee for the naturalization test is 25 euros.


How many questions does the naturalization test in Germany have?

The naturalization test consists of a total of 33 questions. You have 60 minutes to answer the questions.


What questions does the naturalization test include?

The naturalization test includes questions on various topics, including German history, culture, politics, society, the rights and duties of citizens and the basics of the German legal system. One example could be the question about the Basic Law. You will also be asked 3 questions about the federal state in which you live.


How many questions must be answered correctly in the naturalization test in order to pass?

To pass the naturalization test, you must answer 17 out of 33 questions correctly.


Can the naturalization test be repeated?

The naturalization test can be repeated as often as necessary if it is not passed at the first attempt.


Do you have any questions in connection with the naturalization test in Leipzig or are you wondering how you can best prepare for it?

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