B1 German course in Leipzig and B2 German course in Leipzig

Expand your German language skills to a more advanced level

Our German courses in Leipzig at B1 and B2 levels are aimed at intermediate learners and allow you to explore the German language in greater depth while expanding your existing knowledge. B1 and B2 correspond to an intermediate language level in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for Languages and offer an excellent opportunity to refine your German language skills.


German language courses at these levels are particularly suitable for those who already have a solid basic knowledge of German and want to develop their skills to a higher level. 


With a focus on more complex communication and a deeper understanding of the German language, you will be able to communicate in German in a variety of everyday situations and understand more difficult texts.


Below, you will find a detailed overview of the B1/B2 levels to help you choose a suitable German course.

B1 German course in Leipzig - Take your German skills to the next level 

If you already have a basic knowledge of German and would like to take your skills to a higher level, our B1 German course is the ideal choice.

Our B1 German course enables you to use your German skills confidently in a variety of situations and develop your communication skills.

At this intermediate language level, you will

  • develop a larger active vocabulary and
  • consolidate your understanding of German grammar. 

At B1 level, you will gain the ability to express yourself clearly and coherently on familiar topics and personal interests. This will enable you to participate confidently in discussions and communicate your thoughts clearly.


B2 German course in Leipzig - Master an intermediate level of communication in German

Our B2 German course in Leipzig is the optimal step to take your German language skills to a more sophisticated level.

Your communication skills will be significantly improved, so that you can interact more fluently and spontaneously with native speakers without any major difficulties. This will enable you to hold in-depth conversations on a wide range of topics and express your opinions clearly and convincingly.

Our German lessons at B2 level pave the way to a confident command of the German language and enhance your ability to penetrate complex topics.


Exam preparation at B1 and B2 levels

The syllabus of our B1 and B2 courses is specifically designed to prepare you for the exams at these advanced levels, as offered under the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for Languages.

For comprehensive information on these exams and the prestigious telc exams, visit our special page dedicated to language exams.

To find the ideal German course for your personal requirements, we strongly recommend that you take our placement test. This test will help you determine your current language level and identify the tailor-made course that meets your German learning needs.

Discover our German courses for language level B

Learn and Speak, our language school in Leipzig, accompanies you on your way to mastering an intermediate level of communication in German at B1 and B2 levels. We support your individual development and offer the following courses:


Vocational German language support (DeuFöV)

Vocational German language support (DeuFöV) is a special course that is specifically aimed at integration into the German labor market. These courses build on the integration courses and equip migrants and refugees with the necessary German language skills for a successful professional career in Germany

In most cases, participation in DeuFöV courses is funded by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).


German group courses

Our group courses offer a dynamic learning environment in which you can improve your German skills at B1 and B2 levels along with other learners. Interaction with fellow students encourages you to apply the skills you have learned and allows you to practice in real-life situations.

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